Data Management And Processing

Optimise your process to harness the power of data.
On this short course, you will explore and develop management and processing solutions for complex, real-world data. You’ll examine each stage of data processing, considering key concepts, best practice and modern tools and techniques, to gain a comprehensive understanding of how to turn raw data into valuable insights.

The module will cover:

  • Data warehousing and storage techniques; 
  • Data cleaning techniques;
  • A discussion of cloud approaches; 
  • Data processing and collation techniques;
  • An introduction to parallel data pipeline approaches.

Entry requirements 

To support qualifying applicants from Scotland or the EU, a limited number of places are available with full funding from the Scottish Funding Council, targeted at those who are currently unemployed or whose job is under threat as a result of COVID-19. For this particular funding, learners must be age 25+.

Students will usually have a relevant undergraduate degree, but lesser qualifications and/or relevant work experience will be considered on an individual basis. Applicants must also be a Scottish or EU resident to be eligible for this funded intake.

Start date

This course will launch on 31 May.

How you’ll be taught and assessed 

You’ll be taught online via our easy-to-access online portal and study at your own pace over 14 weeks. You’ll require a minimum of 10 hours of study per week during the course, made up of online learning and independent study, which you can fit flexibly around your commitments.  You’ll also have access to a virtual discussion board, and there are weekly ‘Live Academic Support Sessions’ where you can ask any questions you have and get expert support. 

Assessment of the module will consist of an ongoing project, which you’ll submit for review in week 7 and finally in week 13. Your week 7 submission will make up 30% of your mark, and your week 13 submission will make up the other 70%.

If you have any enquiries, please get in touch with our student recruitment team

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