Module Overview 

Midline catheters, often referred to as extended dwell catheters (EDC) or long cannulas, are being used more commonly in clinical practice. They are inserted into the peripheral veins of the forearm or upper arm with the distal tip terminating before the axillary vein. Midline catheters offer a longer dwell time than short peripheral catheters and are typically used for peripherally compatible intravenous treatments that are required for more than five days. 

This module is aimed at healthcare professionals who are keen to develop or improve skills in EDC/midline insertion. This online module consists of theory and an optional hands-on workshop that utilises simulation models to teach the skill of EDC/midline insertion in a safe environment.

Learning Outcomes 

At the end of this module you should be able to:

  • Discuss patient selection and patient assessment pre device insertion.
  • Describe potential complications during EDC/midline insertion.
  • Discuss methods to mitigate potential insertion complications.
  • Discuss the actions to be taken if complications occur.
  • Describe potential complications post EDC/midline insertion.
  • Discuss methods to mitigate potential post insertion complications.
  • Discuss pre, peri and post procedure patient care
  • Describe the ongoing care and maintenance of EDC/midlines.
  • Demonstrate knowledge, understanding and skills to insert an EDC/midline confidently and competently in a simulated environment.


Success of this module includes the completion of a competency-based portfolio that will demonstrate your achievement of the work-based element of the module. This portfolio will also provide evidence of the development of your critical and reflective skills and provide evidence of how your learning during the module has been incorporated into clinical practice. The practice-based portfolio contains competencies that are considered necessary to safety insert a midline. Therefore, you must demonstrate through practice and reflection that you have the knowledge and skills required to achieve the necessary competencies.

Practice-based competencies must be signed off by your clinical supervisor as having been achieved. This portfolio will act as a source of evidence of how your knowledge and competence of device insertion was achieved. Therefore, prior to starting the module, you should identify a competent mentor/supervisor who can support you to gain competence following the module.


This course will be delivered online. Details will follow once matriculated. 


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