Revenue management (RM) is becoming more important and there is a growing need for the hotel industry.  This course is designed to attract junior managers in the hospitality industry to develop a fundamental understanding of the concept of RM that includes: the role of RM; its impact on other hotel operations; and the importance of the continued viability of the business. This provides these managers an opportunity to both develop and advance their knowledge of this important element of hospitality management.

The learning outcomes are:

• Develop an overall understanding of the various knowledge and theories related to RM as it applies to the hospitality industry.

• Identify essential RM components and how RM strategize the overall hotel’s revenue.

• Evaluate and implementation RM concepts and practices to support hotel in today’s competitive marketplace. 

• Understanding the driving trends in RM and its strategy in light of market and brand perspectives.

Entry requirements

Hospitality contributes a significant part of Scottish economy and this course is mainly targeting individual, small, or franchise hotels that received little or no training on revenue management from the head office. Hotel GM/HR can view this course as part of their hotel’s cross-departmental or employee development training program. 

Applicants should have relevant hospitality work experience of at least 2 years and will be considered on an individual basis. 

Start date

19th March to 21st March (Tuesday to Thursday)

Registration deadline: Monday 4th March at Noon.

How you'll be taught

Teaching will comprise a 3-day workshop, face-to-face, held on the Craiglockhart campus. 

In order to help students to understand the globalization market, this course will intend to invite industry practitioners as guest speakers.


In-class assessment.


£750 net