A referee running and pointing on a sports pitch, and a player running towards the referee.What will I get?

You will get approximately 30 minutes of content, which totals up to an hour of activity. As with all modules, we condense the latest cutting-edge research into a series of bite-size chunks, highlighting the key concepts, ideas and theories into a digestible format. These are supported by interviews from top international sports officials who bring that content to life, together with video examples taken from match officials in hockey, international football and rugby-union.

What are the aims of the module?

• Identify and describe the 7 different characteristics of non-verbal communication
• Identify and explain desirable and undesirable non-verbal characteristics in sports officials

What will I learn?

You will learn the 7 key non-verbal characteristics that influence players perceptions of the match official. Video exemplars drawn from officials in rugby-union, hockey, touch rugby and soccer will show examples of effective and less effective body language characteristics.

Who will I learn from?

Associate Professor Duncan Mascarenhas who has over 20 years of experience as a researcher and active? sports official will use a range of digital images and videos to describe the theories. International rugby-union referee Hollie Davidson discusses how she effectively uses space to manage players who often have much larger stature than her.

Which research will be presented?

Research by Mehrabian & Ferris (1967) and Professor of Communication Peter Simmons (2011) from Australia will be explained to show the importance non-verbal communication plays in how others perceive preferred characteristics in the sports official. We will discuss ideas around an official's movements, proximity to the players and also how subtle facial expressions can be interpreted.

How will I be assessed?

You will not be assessed. If you complete the activities, you will be awarded an Edinburgh Napier University CPD certificate of completion.

What will it cost?

£40 + VAT = £48