Tuition fees

For England, Northern Ireland, Wales, Channel Islands and Republic of Ireland students starting their studies in 2023, tuition fees are £9,250 per year. For those studying for three or four years, tuition fees will only be payable in three of these four years. That is £27,750 for a three- or four-year degree. Students studying on a five-year Masters course will pay fees for four out of the five years.

This means that, even though an undergraduate Honours degree in Scotland lasts four years, the total cost of tuition is broadly similar to that of a three-year degree in the rest of the UK.

A four-year degree allows opportunities to gain insight into your subject of choice. For many of our courses you can undertake work placements or enhance your student experience with an exchange or study abroad to a partner institution.

You’ll be able to apply for a tuition fee loan from the UK government and the cost of your fees will be paid directly to Edinburgh Napier. Make sure you do this in plenty of time, as if you do not have proof that your fees will be paid on the date of enrolment you will need to pay these yourself through a payment plan until you have received an award letter from your funding body.

Repayments on your tuition fee loan will not begin until after you graduate and your annual income reaches a certain level. This calculator will help you work out how you will repay your loan.

Financial Support

As well as support from your home funding body (in the form of living cost loans and/or grants), the University also provides a generous bursary package offering a cash award of up to £3,000 per year. The level of financial support you will receive from the University will be dependent on your financial circumstances and/or your academic achievement. We will contact you with information about how you can apply for this additional bursary package and more information can be found here.

Contact your finance body

For further details and information on how to apply for a tuition fee loan, see your relevant student finance body website:

Nursing and Midwifery students

Following the decision of the UK Government to remove the health bursary in England and move to a loans based support package for nursing, midwifery and AHP students from academic year 2017/18, the Scottish Government has confirmed that students commencing study on Nursing and Midwifery undergraduate programmes in September 2017 will be able to apply for tuition fee and living cost support from their home funding body. Nursing students will also be eligible to apply for the University’s own generous package of financial support for students from England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland referenced above.

Financial support

You may be eligible for financial support, including loans, grants and bursaries.

Living costs

If you're living away from home for the first time, you may be wondering how you'll pay for your studies and general living costs.

Living costs will vary depending on individual budgets and lifestyles. We recommend you try and create a monthly budget to work out how much money you'll need, particularly taking into consideration student loans, bursaries and grants. 

The Edinburgh Napier Students' Association have advice and resources on what life is really like at Edinburgh Napier.

Students will often undertake work placements or part-time work opportunities to support themselves through their studies. You can find out more information about such opportunities via our careers team.

Help and advice

For help and advice on fees and funding call 0333 900 6040 or contact:

Fee Status

If you’re unsure whether you're an 'Rest of UK' or 'Republic of Ireland' student, fill out our tuition fee classification questionnaire and we will determine your fee status.


You may be eligible to get some help with the cost of studying here by applying to one of our scholarships.

ENSA Advice

ENSA Advice at Edinburgh Napier Students Association can help you with accessing money advice (budgeting and tips) and accessing essentials if you are in need. Please note that ENSA advice cannot help with university fees payment.