Join a club or society

No matter what you’re interested in, chances are there’s a group of other students who have the same hobby, play the same sport, or like the same things.

Clubs and societies are a great way to get introduced to like-minded people and form friendships that will last through your university career and beyond.

At Edinburgh Napier University, our student association (ENSA) supports everything from hockey clubs and cheerleading teams to musical groups and chess players. Some restrictions might apply about what can happen in-person right now, but many groups have still found ways to connect and have fun in virtual or socially-distanced environments.

Our student said...

Before university, I wish I had known that making friends at any stage is easy. Lots of friendly people with similar interests are just a message away through societies!


4th Year

Start a study group

Aside from your flatmates, the people you’ll probably see most at university are the other students in your classes. Between discussing essay questions and keeping on top of assignment deadlines, you’ll never be short of conversation topics.

Start a Facebook group or WhatsApp chat to exchange notes, study tips and meet up for coffee when you need that caffeine buzz.

The people you study with can become a vital support network for helping you through your course.

Keep your door open

If you’re moving into student accommodation, you’ll be meeting new people that you need to learn to live with. Getting off on the right foot can be a big help.

Introduce yourself to your new flatmates while you’re unpacking and keep your door propped open so you’re not closed off to anyone just arriving. If nothing else, you should figure out how many of you can cook!

Think about starting a regular film or games night to keep everyone friendly and entertained.

Edinburgh Napier Students' Association

All UK-based Edinburgh Napier University students are automatically made members of the student union (ENSA). There are plenty of opportunities to learn new skills and get involved with sports and societies, volunteering, events and student representation.