University is a sizable commitment and choosing to apply is a big decision. It's also an investment in your future that can help you achieve your goals in life.

Whether you're about to leave school, are thinking about returning to education, or you're just looking into higher education for the first time, here are some of the benefits attending university can offer.

1. Become an expert

Choosing to study a subject you're passionate about opens up the opportunity to learn first-hand from experts in their field and delve into an area of learning that could potentially shape your future.

Whether you decide to pursue something you studied at school, deepen your understanding of a subject that already plays a part in your life, or take up something entirely new, studying for a degree develops your knowledge and expertise to a higher level.

A university education opens up the opportunity to take your learning further and apply your interests to everyday life.

The course available was the route I wanted to go down professionally. I believed this university fit with my character and who I am as a person.


ENU Student, BEng Civil Engineering

2. Boost your career prospects

For many, studying at university is the first step down the path to their dream career. Others may be looking to reach certain professional goals or open up opportunities for the future.

Vocational courses like accounting, nursing and journalism are specifically designed to prepare students for careers in those subjects. Practical, hands-on learning and workplace experience complement classroom theory to build professional foundations.

Additionally, any degree teaches transferable skills like time-management, organisation, research and decision-making. These are vital in the world of work.

3. Discover more about yourself

University life will challenge you and give you a chance to develop personally and academically in a stimulating, supportive environment.

For some students it might be your first time experiencing the independence and freedom of living away from home or making big decisions on your own.

Any student may surprise themselves with what they are able to accomplish at university. You can take pride in your achievements and learn to reach new heights.

4. Make life-long connections

The people you meet during your time as a student become friends, colleagues and mentors, often for long after graduation.

Surrounded by peers who share your passions, goals and determination, the university environment lets you build a brand new network of important individuals.

Between late-night study sessions, epic nights out and academic breakthroughs, connections are made that will follow and influence you for years to come.

My time at Edinburgh Napier helped nurture a broad cultural understanding which I believe can be applied to many avenues and vocations, and I’d certainly recommend the course to prospective students.


ENU Graduate, BA (Hons) English & Film

5. See the world

Not only does a degree open up your opportunities to work abroad after graduation, many courses offer up the chance to study and learn in different countries.

Experiencing a diverse range of environments, cultures and languages broadens your horizons for development and with future employers. Even if extensive travel isn't an option for you, there are many virtual options for connecting with academics and communities across the globe.

If you want to see a bit more of the world, university can be your passport to wetting your feet far from home.

Keep making plans...