1. Jump into the experience

When you decide on a university, you’re committing to spending a significant amount of the next three or four years within its walls.

Taking a walk around your potential future campus, checking out the accommodation and even getting to try the food on offer all play a part in helping you find the right fit.

Imagine yourself as a student here and trust your gut.

Student Ambassadors at Open Day2. Meet the insiders

From the Admissions and Student Support teams to your lecturers and fellow students, university life comes with a network of people who have your back.

Open Days give you a chance to chat to current students, ask questions about how courses work and find out how we can help you through your studies.

All you have to do is come say hello!

3. Find your perfect match

Subject talks and drop-in sessions are the ideal opportunities to learn the ins and outs of what your course will entail. They can even help you make up your mind about what to apply for.

You can get a good idea of what facilities and resources will be available to you as a student. Take a tour to get a look at specialist labs, professional studios and expansive libraries.

Nothing beats getting up close and personal.

Mother and daughter at Open Day4. Bring an entourage

Do you have friends applying to the same place? Are certain family members starting to get nervous at the prospect of your approaching university days?

Open Days don’t have to be a solo activity. Invite others to join you so they can have their own questions answered and feel included in this next stage of your life.

Two, three or four heads are better than one.

5. Explore your new surroundings

University can be a new start, whether that’s because you’re moving to a new city, striking out on your own for the first time or just finally able to use a student ID.

Edinburgh is a great place to find your feet and visiting for an Open Day gives you a chance to discover the culture, history and nightlife that could make up your new home from home.

There’s no shortage of things to do.