Mature students

Bianca Bruun, Criminology, 4th year

“When I started university I was nervous about being older and not fitting in and that no one would be around my age. But I have realised that it all depends on your personality and how you decide to handle your challenges – you can ostracise yourself, or you can decide to blend in. After all, we are all students on the same course and some of us share mutual concerns, despite the age difference.  Many of my fellow students did not believe my age when I told them and thought I was younger. That just proves that age is just a number and it is about making the best of every opportunity and situation you encounter. I  found that doing a degree as a mature student is not as scary as it seems – I have world experience and wisdom on my side, which has majorly helped me through my university years. I believe that some of my younger fellow students have learned from me, just as I have learned much from them!”

Funding and finance

One of the most common topics we get asked about is how much will it cost to come to university. Returning to education as a mature student you may be unfamiliar with what financial support is available to you.  

We are always happy to chat so feel free to contact us if you have any queries surrounding funding and finance.

Entry requirements

Part-time working while studying

It is absolutely possible to work part-time while you are studying. If you are studying an undergraduate programme face to face class hours are likely to be between 6 and 10 hours per week.  Which leaves plenty of time to work alongside your studies. But remember that you are expected to do a certain number of hours of studying in your own time to ensure that you will succeed.

We run a Widening Participation Student Ambassador Scheme that pays £9.73 per hour plus holiday pay. If you would be interested in joining our team click here.

Visit us

Often the bet way to take things forward if you are considering whether to apply to university or not is to visit the campus and get a feel for the university experience.  We are always happy to show potential students around and answer any questions that they may have.  And we can organise to meet up at a time that suits you.  

We hope that this section have given you all the information to help you make an informed decision on whether university is the right decision for you but please do contact us if you are still unsure and would like to talk it through.  You can reach us on 0131 455 2300 or email us at

You’ve got this!

Get in touch

The Widening Participation team is always around to answer any questions you might have, big or small. Call 0333 900 6040 and ask to speak to a member of the Widening Participation Team or submit an enquiry form.