Care experienced students

We have a proud history of supporting students from care-experienced backgrounds into higher education.

The University’s Corporate Parenting Plan outlines the support available for individuals of all ages with an experience of care, with the aim of being the most welcoming, nurturing and positive learning environment possible. Whether a query concerns community outreach, organizing a campus visit, applicant or in-study support, the Widening Participation team is available to provide guidance.   

When you’re in care, [teachers, social workers, foster parents] expect the least of you. I decided I want to be something more than what is expected of me.

School of Applied Sciences student

What does the term care-experienced mean?

The term ‘care-experienced’ refers to having been looked after by a local authority at some point (in the past the term ‘care leaver’ may have been used). Care may have been provided in one or more of the following settings:

  • in residential care;
  • in foster care (through a local authority or charity/agency);
  • in kinship care (with grandparents or other family members);
  • looked after at home (Compulsory Supervision Order with no condition of residence);
  • in a secure residential home;
  • living with adoptive parents (or with prospective adoption parents);
  • in another community setting.

A lot of the time people who may have experienced a relatively short placement in care, for example in early childhood, may not be fully aware of their care-experienced status, so if you have any questions, please get in touch. 

How we support care-experienced learners

The University can support care-experienced learners in a variety of ways, including:

  • providing contact with a dedicated member of staff during the admissions stage, 
  • adjusting offers to study to take into account the additional barriers which individuals may have experienced, 
  • providing a full-year (52 week) rental agreement option for the University’s student accommodation. 

We also provide financial support in the form of the University’s Care Experienced Bursary.

The University’s Corporate Parenting outlines the support available for applicants and students at Edinburgh Napier - find out more here. A summary of the types of care placements under the broad term care-experience can be found here.

Additional Information

Edinburgh Napier is a founding partner of the Hub for SUCCESS, a dedicated resource for care-experienced individuals of all ages and for professionals who offer guidance in the South East region of Scotland.

SAAS provide a Care Experienced Student Bursary and Summer Accommodation Grant. Unlike a student loan, this does not have to be repaid after graduation.

Get in touch

If you've got any questions about how we can help you come to University, please send us an email. Dr Peter Tormey is the contact for care-experienced students, and he can answer any questions you have.