Fates of Frankenstein conference

A conference about adaptations and appropriations of Shelley’s novel to commemorate the bicentenary of Frankenstein’s publication. 

Start date and time

Friday 23 November 2018 8:45 AM

to Saturday 24 November 2018 8:00 PM

Event cost

£35, £55, £60, £100

This two-day conference explores Frankenstein’s myriad cultural fates, in which it not only inspires new narratives and creative works but is also widely invoked by the media and in a range of social and scientific contexts. The conference, which is part of a series of events organised by The Age of Frankenstein Project, aims to take stock of the ways in which Frankenstein remains very much alive in 2018, and of trends and innovations in its adaptations, retellings, and reuses in the last two centuries.

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Merchiston Campus

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