Edinburgh Napier's research shapes the world around us, improving lives locally and globally.

World-leading imagery techniques

Professor Kenny Mitchell and the pioneering science behind Hollywood’s outstanding visual effects

Changing attitudes to tobacco

A project on tobacco advertising in Indonesia influences policymakers to change local rules.

No fishing when the crabs make love

Edinburgh Napier is helping to protect a Brazilian cultural icon, optimise fisheries management and save livelihoods

Blended spaces

A blended space is a space where a physical space is deliberately integrated in a close-knit way with a digital space.

Challenging PTSD definitions

Professor Thanos Karatzias hopes to change the way those affected by PTSD are treated.

Participatory Films

For over a decade the film team in the Media and Culture school at Edinburgh Napier has made award-winning films that are grounded in real experiences and testimony.

Cycle paths to seismic maths

Edinburgh Napier is at the epicentre of innovative research that could save lives in earthquake-affected parts of the world. And it all started with cycle paths.