Kris and charity CoppaFeel! are changing lives – one boob at a time

Date posted

31 January 2020


The inspiring story of a young women whose breast cancer diagnosis led her to launching the life-saving CoppaFeel! charity has been shared at the latest Chancellor Talk lecture at Edinburgh Napier.Kris Hallenga speaks at Craiglockhart

Kristin Hallenga was only 23 when she was told she had the disease, which later spread to her liver, her bones and her brain.

However, her horror at the news rapidly gave way to a determination to spread the message that catching cancer early gives you a greater chance of survival and recovery.

Kris founded breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel! with her twin sister Maren in 2009, and its creative campaigns encouraging young women to be more vigilant about their health have been winning accolades ever since.

Despite the weather, around 100 guests joined Kris at the University’s Craiglockhart campus for a heart-warming, hopeful and uplifting night as she spoke about her diagnosis, forming the charity and life ever since.

Kris shared more on her experiences with the NHS, how she’s swapped running the charity for living the dream with a cake and coffee business in Cornwall and how her own ‘8 P’s’ have helped her to remain positive throughout the 11 years since diagnosis.

The key message of the night was also clear: the charity wants to give everyone the best possible chance of surviving breast cancer and, one of the ways you can help do this, is to be vigilant in regularly checking your breasts.

“My final words to you all is to grab life by the boobs. We only get one short at life – and we can do that well”, said Kris as she brought her lecture to a close.

And who are we to argue with that.

More information on CoppaFeel! and what you can do to get involved can be found at

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