Chancellor Talks

Milton Glaser - March 2016

The inaugural talk was with the legendary NYC graphic designer and educator Milton Glaser was conducted from his base in New York. The audience heard Milton talk about this work and inspirations and he then welcomed a Q&A session.

Jeremy Thomas - June 2016

In June 2016 we hosted a second lecture with Jeremy Thomas, CBE who is a British film producer, founder and chairman of Recorded Picture Company. Jeremy produced Bernardo Bertolucci's ‘The Last Emperor’. This was conducted in the style of a ‘fireside talk’ at the Craiglockhart Campus with me interviewing Jeremy.

Ann Daniels - May 2017

For the third talk in June 2017 we welcomed the arctic Explorer Ann Daniel’s who gave a fascinating lecture about her various expeditions and motivations with this talk being popular with the younger audience. This too was hosted at our Craiglockhart Campus.

Rt Hon. James Wolffe QC - November 2017

The fourth talk saw The Lord Advocate James Woolfe QC who spoke on the subject “Law, democracy and fundamental rights”.

Mark Beaumont - October 2018

The fifth Chancellor Talk saw a sold-out audience welcome record breaking cyclist Mark Beaumont to Craiglockhart who shared the secrets behind his 18,000 mile, around-the-world, cycle. Assisted by his team, he completed the epic challenge in less than 80 days.

JJ Chalmers - March 2019

The sixth Chancellor Talk saw JJ Chalmers share his remarkable story of recovery after he was maimed by an explosion in Afghanistan in May 2011.

Kris Hallenga - January 2020

The seventh Chancellor Talk saw Kris Hallenga share her inspiring story of how her breast cancer diagnosis led her to launching the life-saving CoppaFeel! charity. 

About the Chancellor Talk Series

I am proud to be Chancellor of Edinburgh Napier University which is a position I have held since 2014 and is a five year tenure.

The role of Chancellor is typically a ceremonial role, however I expressed an interest in being more than just a figurehead for the University and wanted to take advantage of my role to inspire young minds and give them the opportunity to learn from others who have been successful in their field. I therefore launched the ‘Chancellor Talk Series’ with the inaugural talk taking place in March 2016.

Chancellor Talks - Milton Glaser with David EustaceI am very passionate about the University having studied at Edinburgh Napier as a ‘mature’ student and graduating in 1991 with a BA distinction in Photographic Studies. I left school aged 16 with a basic art grade and no other qualifications and while working at HMP Barlinnie I made the decision to turn my hobby of photography into a career with a move back into education. After graduating I worked for some of the world’s leading brands such as GQ, Conde Nast, Vogue and Tatler. Some examples of my work can be viewed on my website.

I very much credit my successful career with my return to University to follow my passion and dreams. As a young boy, I never thought I would gain a university qualification and for some of the people who attend the Chancellor Talks they too could never imagine university being an option for them and I wish to highlight that University can be achievable. I believe it is important that we give our students the opportunity to learn from individuals who have excelled in their field so they can pass on their wisdom and passion to others.

To date we have hosted very different speakers attracting a mixed audience from our own students, alumni, school children, industry/business professionals and the general public. We are keen for these talks to be open to all with the audience enthusiastic to learn from individuals they may not always have the opportunity to hear and engage with.