University experts work with Canadian team on hi-tech health monitoring kit

Date posted

25 February 2022


Edinburgh Napier researchers have joined forces with a Canadian company to develop and enhance a portable and multi-functional health monitoring kit.

LifeBox can measure and report vital patient medical data in real time.

Black compartmentalised box containing white LifeBox and additional equipment such as stethoscope, ECG leads and blood pressure monitor

Readings collected by the device and transferred to a remote visualisation tool for analysis include pulse, heart rate, temperature, blood pressure, breathing and blood oxygen level.

Developed by Canadian-based Highway Innovation, the LifeBox platform is installed on both patient and doctor sides and can be used by medical staff or a layperson to measure clinical parameters either continuously or on-demand.

Now, under a new partnership, Edinburgh Napier experts will explore how to expand the communication and analysis capabilities of the kit.

The university team, coordinated by Dr Imed Romdhani from the School of Computing, will look to add Artificial Intelligence-based data analysis and convert the kit into a central gateway for other mobile medical applications and wireless wearable devices.

The kit can act as an Internet of Things medical gateway or sink for additional wearable monitoring devices and sensors that can be used by the patient or exist already in his or her living environment.

It can also share medical records between different parties in a secure manner which respects patients’ privacy, or store and archive data for a period of time.

The teams on both sides of the Atlantic will collaborate to secure national and international backing to develop the kit, with work ongoing to identify appropriate research funding schemes, medical partners and innovation centres.

A prototype model has now been received at Edinburgh Napier, where it will be put through its paces by staff and students in the School of Health & Social Care.