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University launches business degree in Northern Ireland

Date posted

2 September 2019


A new initiative which allows employees to study for an honours degree without leaving full-time employment is being launched in Northern Ireland.


Edinburgh Napier will deliver the BA (Hons) Applied Management degree from January 2020 in collaboration with Coleraine-based Gradworks.


The course will boost employees’ skills and improve their career prospects, and Gradworks will work with businesses from a variety of sectors to identify staff to recruit as students to the programme, which is being launched on Friday September 6.


Employers will benefit from the work-based learning assessments students undertake from the outset, which will balance theory with day-to-day work experience to give them fresh insights. Significant business benefit will also come from the assessed work-based projects students will undertake.


Gradworks director Catherine McBride added: “If you are not currently in employment within the Province then Gradworks can assist you in identifying a suitable host employer company that will be supportive to your study needs and provide a workplace mentor.”


Employers can find out more by contacting Gradworks on 02870 511377. 


Gail Boag, Dean of The Business School at Edinburgh Napier, who will attend Friday’s launch event, said: “Students will attend classes in Antrim on a day-release basis – weekly in year one, on Fridays, and monthly in years two and three.

“They will also undertake work-based learning projects throughout their studies. In this way, the degree will help students solve problems on real workplace projects from the outset.

“Creating work-ready graduates is our focus at The Business School and the launch of this new course is a significant step towards helping businesses to engage their key employees and thrive in a rapidly-evolving commercial environment.

 “The course allows students to achieve a BA (Hons) degree from one of the UK’s leading universities in three years, and to learn in an environment that is directly linked to their degree.”


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