Brothers aim to make a career out of streetwear

Date posted

27 May 2020


Two young University entrepreneurs are making their mark on the high street with their own streetwear fashion brand.

Ibrahim and Ciwan Cakir

Saint Mind was founded two years ago by brothers Ibrahim and Ciwan Cakir.  Ibrahim, or Ibzz, 20, is a third year Business Management with Marketing student while Ciwan, 18, is about to begin a marketing course at Edinburgh Napier.

They began by designing a single T-shirt but are now known mainly for their tracksuits, and style features including subtle colours, colourful logos and prints. Almost 60 per cent of the business’s sales come through social media channels.

The Autumn 2020 collection will mark the start of a new relationship with manufacturers based in Portugal and Ukraine.  Prices range from £30 for a small pouch bag to £150 for a puffer jacket, which is set for release in the winter.

Istanbul-born Ibzz said: “Saint Mind’s current audience is mainly male, between the ages of 17 and 25, and interested in streetwear, football, boxing, hip hop & RnB, and designer brands. However, although we target our items at males, we have realised a lot of females are also into our oversized looks which they wear as lounge wear.”

He believes their work may have something to offer to other students keen to make an impact on the industry, adding: “My current course has taught me a lot about marketing techniques, and how to achieve my goals.  In the longer term, we would like to offer internships to students who are studying fashion or business and marketing as it would be a great opportunity to help shape their future.”

Ciwan, who was born in Glasgow just after the family moved to the UK, added: “We have both been into fashion from a very young age. We are currently working part-time on the business but would like to make it our career after graduating.”