Edinburgh Napier’s Centre for Biomedicine & Global Health comprises an experienced multi-disciplinary group of experts working together to investigates human health from cradle to grave, examining the causes of disease, encompassing the developmental origins of disease, childhood and adult disease. Our members come from an array of different backgrounds including human clinical and biomedical scientists, hospital consultants, chemists and immunologists. We undertake research across a breadth of ailments including cancer, arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Johne's disease, stroke, metabolic, reproductive and infectious diseases, both from the perspective of the microbe and the host.  We have interests in nanomedicine, the development of anti-cancer drugs, toxicology and microfluidics, with research students working across these fields. 

Our aim is to enhance innovation in the life sciences, and apply theoretical, fundamental and conceptual ideas to solve real world challenges that have been identified by health agencies, and funding bodies by collaborating on an institutional, national and global scale. This newly established centre will bring together experts from multidisciplinary backgrounds to better understand and hence combat diseases of global health concern. We welcome external members and potential collaborators, and we will host public engagement events throughout the year as well as a Centre-wide annual conference day. 

For general enquiries, please contact Professor Peter Barlow (Director, Professor).

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