Student opportunities

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Work Placements

We pride ourselves on developing highly employable graduates and being one of the top 15 Universities in the UK for undergraduate employability (The HESA 2014/15 Employment of Graduates Performance Indicator). Our successful track record reflects our focus on degree programmes that prepare our students for the world of work.

A placement is an excellent opportunity to apply the theories and techniques learnt through your studies in a real life situation. The skills and experience are invaluable and a big selling point on your CV.

What do previous students say about their placements?

"Undertaking a placement has been an incredible experience for me and I have gained first-hand experience of the industry. It really prepared me for my final year at university, with regards to time management, organisational skills and meeting deadlines. I truly believe it will benefit me in future employment."

Katie Craig -  BA (Hons) Festival and Event and Marketing Management

"Placement gave me the opportunity to network extensively in the hospitality industry and also allowed me to put to use the theory I have learnt at University by applying it to real life situations. I feel it is the best method of learning that prepares you for the world of work after graduation and if you have the option of a placement you should definitely take it."

Adam Gray –BA (Hons) Hospitality Management

"I found the placement year very beneficial. I have grown so much self- confidence and skills from being on placement. I have been able to experience working full time in a business environment. Through my placement I have also found the career which I want to follow."

Jodie Burnett -  BA (Hons) Business Studies

Placement support

The following video highlights the importance of a work placement and discusses the support available.