Simulation and Clinical Skills Centre

The purpose-built Simulation and Clinical Skills Centre brings to life the theoretical principles learned in class, while providing a safe environment for the teaching and development of clinical skills in student nurses and midwives. 

The 1,000m2 centre is run by a specialist team of nurses, doctors and midwives, and covers several practice areas from community and critical care to general and labour wards. A combination of volunteer patients, trauma make-up experts and mannequins make the training experience highly realistic. These facilities will help you gain skills and experiences relevant to employers all over the world.

Meet the team

Simulation and Clinical Skills Centre team

Our centre has a dedicated team on hand to help you perfect your skills and to answer any questions you may have. Our teaching associates who work between clinical practice and the university, and are always on hand to help you brush up on your skills. Our technical team experts in simulation technology and experienced medical makeup artists will design and create various realistic wounds and lacerations on mannequins and simulated patients to make your learning as lifelike as possible. Both teams work together to create realistic scenarios and simulation environment to maximise your learning potential. As a team we're dedicated to supporting you so you can have an individual student experience and preparing you as fully as possible for practice. 

You can use the centre to practice your skills autonomously, book a group session, or arrange a 1:1 practice session.

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Simulation and Clinical Skills Centre

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