In February 2016 the SOLUTION team was asked to work on the development of an innovative walking aid.

WalkerThe project built on an initial design which had stalled due to some key challenges. These focused on stability with ease of use. Weight, folding mechanism and manoeuvrability were all important to the design.

Working closely with the client the device design and development was advanced and the prototype was handed over to the client in December.

"We would like to say that when the late Professor Ian Hunt took the reins with our project (the walking aid) we thought that getting this made was just  unachievable. However, Ian and the medical team turned these thoughts around and showed us that anything is possible with people who are willing to go the extra mile.

"They inspired, worked ,taught and got it made achieving where other professionals all failed.

"We would like to thank Professor Ian Hunt posthumously, along with University Principal Andrea Nolan, Will Titley, Cameron Perrie, Lorenzo Chairi and all the Medical Technology Group. Without their help and knowledge this would never have happened."