Solution project

Our projects involve the development of technologies to enhance healthcare.

About the project

This project began when a member of our team within the School of Health and Social Care who was working with older people and recognised the difficulties that many people have with putting eye drops in.  This lead to a project currently underway aimed at developing an alternative device. Other projects involving development of technologies to enhance healthcare were then identified and from there the overarching SOLUTION project began. Academics from the school of engineering and creative industries became involved and University funding secured to take the project forward.

Project aim

SOLUTION aims to find practical solutions to healthcare problems and we hope to develop technologies that will enhance quality of life for patients and working life for staff. 

We aim to

S seek ways to enhance healthcare
O optimise existing knowledge and experience
L lead the way in healthcare improvement
U understand the challenges that healthcare practitioners work with
T take health innovation forward
I identify the things that can be changed
O ordinary people finding solutions
N not settling for less than best

You can make a difference...

Case studies

Eye dropper device

One project that is already in process is the development of an eye drop delivery system. This has been funded by the Edinburgh and Lothians Health Foundation. The project is at an early stage and patients will be involved in the development as well as clinical experts.

Do you work in healthcare?

Have you identified a problem, a solution or do you have an idea for something that would enhance healthcare but don’t have the time or resources to develop it? We have a muti-dicipliary team of experts that may be able to help.

Work with us

You can contact us in a number of ways, call us on 0131 455 2213, or text HCI to 86688 or email us on the link below.

Meet the team

Supporting organisations

We are working closely with the NHS and in particular Grahame Cumming (Innovation Champion NHS Lothian) and Edinburgh & Lothians Health Foundation.

Edinburgh & Lothians Health Foundation NHS Lothian