“Do what you most enjoy. If there’s something you’d rather be doing, even if you don’t consider it a “real” job, do that instead. You’d be surprised what you can do to earn a living.”  

- David Airey, BA (Hons) Graphic Communications Management 2002 

David Airey

 Alumnus, David Airey, has forged a successful career as a graphic designer, writer and brand consultant by fearlessly following his own advice. 

After graduating, David took his first job with Edinburgh-based cancer charity, Myeloma UK. He was responsible for print design and website management. While overseeing these areas, he built strong relationships within the organisation. After several years of developing his skills and his network, he left the role to go travel the world.  

Upon returning to the UK, David was determined to start his own design studio. Through the relationships he built at Myeloma UK, he discovered that his position at the charity hadn’t been filled. He pitched an idea to take on his previous employer as the first client of his independent studio. Having the security and income from his first client enabled him to build his business and his client base.   

Fifteen years later, David has collaborated on more than a hundred brand identity projects worldwide and has written three books on design and branding, which are used by industry professionals and in design courses around the world. 

Identity Designed, his third book, is a branding bestseller with first two print runs completely sold out. David’s first book, Logo Design Love, is available in 13 languages.  

With clients in more than 30 countries, David regularly makes time to give advice to student designers, mostly on topics related to branding and visual identity. He highlights curiosity, patience and empathy as the skills most valuable to have for a graphic designer.  


David strives to inspire others to follow their passion, whatever the path may look like.

Published March 2020

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