The Alumni Awards recognise an individual or a group of alumni who have shown excellence and distinction in their personal and/or professional lives and who have made a positive contribution to the University, their community and profession.

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Alumni Impact Award: Isabel Dosser, MSc Nursing 2006

Alumni Rising Star Award: Daniel Crehan, BA (Hons) International Festival and Event Management 2021


Alumnus of the Year: Nathalie Agnew, BA Communication Arts 2005

Young Alumnus of the Year: Bjørn Hanson, MA Kino Eyes International Film 2020, MFA Advanced Film Practice 2021


Alumnus of the Year: Janet Downie, BSc (Hons) Biological Sciences 1994

Young Alumnus of the Year: Hazina Alladin, BA Business and Enterprise 2020

Highly Commended: Róisín Ní Chatháin, BSc (Hons) in Architectural Technology 2010


Alumni of the Year: Nurse and midwifery graduates from the class of 2020 


Alumnus of the Year: Chico Pereira, BA (Hons) Photography & Film 2009; MFA Advanced Film Practice 2011

Alumnus of the Year: Sheila Lauchlan, BSc Industrial Design (Technology) 1993 


Alumnus of the Year: Robyn Love, BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science 2013 

Alumnus of the Year: Mark Robertson, BSc Sport & Exercise Science 2007 


Young Alumnus of the Year: Kelly Barbour, BA (Hons) Communication 2013 

Alumni of the Year: Joyce Mcaree, PG Diploma Career Guidance & Development 2014 


Alumnus of the Year: Gary Coupland MBE, Diploma Music 1984 

Alumnus of the Year: Lynsey Sharp, LLB (Hons) Law 2012 


Young Alumnus of the Year: Liseli Sitali, BA (Hons) English & Communication 2012 

International Alumnus of the Year: K O Chia, PG Diploma in Management Studies 1980

Alumnus of the Year: Patricia White, BA Accounting 1985 


Young Alumnus of the Year: Peter McLean, BA (Hons) Hospitality Management 2007 

Alumnus of the Year: Alison Walker, MBA 2000 


Young Alumnus of the Year: Dr Jamie Graves, PhD, Forensic verification of operating system activity, 2009 

International Alumnus of the Year: WK CHAN, MSc Applied Biological Sciences 1998 

Alumnus of the Year: Professor Aileen Lothian, MBA 2003 


Young Alumnus of the Year: Adam Purvis, BDes (Hons) Consumer Product Design 2008 

International Alumnus of the Year: Gianna Wong, MSc Marketing 2010 

Alumnus of the Year: Dr Steven Cordiner, BA (Hons) Combined Studies (Communication & Management) 1997, MPhil Engineering 1999, Honorary Doctor of Technology 2012


Alumnus of the Year: Ken Brown, HND Civil Engineering, 1985 

International Alumnus of the Year: Susanna Lau, MSc Marketing 2007