Support Edinburgh Napier students by offering a micro-placement!

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What is a micro-placement? 

Logo of Edinburgh Napier with 'Student Futures' written underneath An Edinburgh Napier micro-placement is a short-term, optional, extra-curricular career exploration opportunity designed to benefit both students and employers.  

Students gain insights into an industry related to their field of study. Employers are able to support an ambitious graduate through activities such as work shadowing or a research project.

A micro placement lasts for one week and is unpaid.  

Which students are eligible? 

We’re looking for organisations to host students from the following courses: 

School of Engineering & the Built Environment  

Fourth-year students from the fields of Mechanical, Electrical and Energy & Environmental Engineering. 

School of Applied Sciences 

Fourth-year students from the fields of Life Sciences, Criminology, Psychology, Sociology and Sport & Exercise Science. 

The Business School 

Third- and fourth-year students from the fields of Accounting and Law. 

When do the micro-placements take place? 

A micro-placement lasts one week and can take place anytime between May and September 2021. 

They can be structured in whatever way works best for the host organisation. For example, the placement could be a work experience opportunity or take the form of a live project (which could consist of a small group of students) – depending on the host organisation’s preference. 

A micro-placement does not need to be completed on consecutive days, organisations can work with a student over consecutive weeks. 

Examples of a micro-placement

Example 1 

Do you have a project that a group of students can get involved with? This can be anything from a research project to completing a new piece of work, poster, or updating literature. 

Day 1- Brief students through a digital meeting.  

Day 2- Students work together on the project. No contact will be needed by host (unless pre-arranged). 

Day 3- Check-in with students through a digital meeting. 

Day 4- Students work together on the project. No contact will be needed by host (unless pre-arranged). 

Day 5- The student group will deliver the results of the project through a digital meeting. 

Example 2 

Your micro-placement student will be set an objective of researching your organisation and presenting back their findings at the end of the week. This presentation can be recorded and sent via email for you to view at any time and will not require your attendance. 

In this instance, we would like the student to be able to meet with staff from different departments (around 4 staff members) so that they can gain a good understanding of the roles within the organisation.  

Where possible, we’d also ask that students be able to shadow any digital activity within your organisation, such as staff meetings/ any appropriate online sessions. 


Email to register as a host organisation or for more information!