Meet Louise

Thanks to beX, Louise was offered the chance to work with the Centre for Offsite Construction & Innovative Structures (COCIS)

Edinburgh based COCIS hosted Louise over the summer, exposing her to different areas of construction before she began studying for her masters in Advanced Structural Engineering

Louise Rodgers, a beX scholar, working on a machine

I’m studying MSc in Advanced Structural Engineering

My name is Louise Rogers and I’m studying a masters in Advanced Structural Engineering. I found out about beX after I saw a presentation from a previous beX scholar at the beginning of my fourth year. The experiences and opportunities that he highlighted from his time as a beX scholar left no doubt in my mind about applying.

A valuable experience, it diversified my knowledgeLouise Rogers working on a machine

My placement in the summer was with a combination of the Robin Mckenzie Partnership (RMP Acoustics) and COCIS, both based in Edinburgh. With RMP, I was working alongside acoustics engineers and inputting my knowledge of structural engineering. There, I was exposed to sound insulation, airtightness testing and environmental testing of newly built houses and conversions. My jobs involved both desk and site work, it was enjoyable keeping it varied. Another project I was involved in at RMP was research into the vibrational performance of timber joists when subject to footstep impact. It’s a current problem in new residential builds. This project is one I want to continue with through my masters dissertation. 
Working under Andrew Livingstone and Wojciech Plowas for COCIS, I used the skills I had learned as an undergraduate to perform calculations and lab tests. The first project I worked on with Andrew involved structural calculations for a design provided by the client to ensure it satisfied the regulations for European design standards. My second project, with Wojciech this time, was performing tests on steel panels with various sheathing materials to see if a new material outperformed traditional ones.

I’ve had so much exposure to different areas of construction

The diversity of everything I have been involved with has been one of my favourite things about my summer placement. I’m sure that without beX I wouldbeX scholar, Louise Rogers, in a high visibility jacket and hard hat never have had nearly as much exposure to different areas of construction. 
Thanks to the variety of my placement, I have realised the vast opportunities that are available to me, not only in civil or structural engineering, but in the construction sector as a whole. This has given me a lot of food-for-thought as to what my future career path will look like.

It furthered my passion

My time with COCIS has furthered my passion for combining structural engineering with sustainable development. So now, I’m studying for my masters in Advanced Structural Engineering and my dissertation will focus on timber engineering.
Looking to the future, I want to complete my masters and then continue to be a part of beX!

I fully recommend applying for beX, you won’t regret it!

My advice would be to truly immerse yourself in all the opportunities that are presented and network with your lecturers and mentors. The latter will be invaluable when it comes to choosing a supervisor for projects. I fully recommend applying to become a beX scholar in your fourth or fifth year, you won’t regret it!