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Do you want to learn in a laboratory or a marine station? Do you want to create your experiments using industry-grade equipment or learn from researchers working at RZSS Edinburgh Zoo? 

At Edinburgh Napier, we go beyond the classroom. We will teach you the skills to tackle local and global scientific problems - everything from drug design and biomedical science to veterinary nursing. You tell us where you want to learn. 

Royal Society of Biology Accreditation

All of our undergraduate courses listed below (excluding Veterinary Nursing) have been accredited by the Royal Society of Biology, meaning you can impress to employers that you will graduate with industry-level skills that have been verified by your subject's professional body.

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MSc Wildlife Biology & Conservation graduates who succeed

Our partnership with St Abbs Marine Station gives our students unique opportunities to engage in exciting research on current and future challenges to coastal and marine environments.

Dr Karen Diele

Reader, Edinburgh Napier University & Co-Director of Research, St Abbs Marine Station

Getting ahead of the research 

Our life sciences staff are nationally and internationally recognised for their research. Our research attracts funding from organisations such as the European Commission, Greenpeace and charities such as Medical Research Scotland and Carnegie.

This means that we won't just teach you the most up to date techniques and equipment, our lecturers will give you a sneak peek at our research collaborations with RZSS Edinburgh Zoo and St. Abbs Marine station, meaning you'll be learning from research that hasn't even been published yet. We want you to graduate ahead of the curve, so you can impress on the industry that you know the most recent techniques and research questions being posed in your area of science.

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The lecturers are here because they believe in what they are teaching and they want to get people excited about biology and conservation, which are important things right now in the world.

Asier Carrasco

Student, MSc Wildlife Biology and Conservation

I'm using the findings from my research on the penguin population at RZSS Edinburgh Zoo to shape my teaching to students, meaning they are learning about my data before the results are published.

Rosa De Llanos

Lecturer, Biological Sciences

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