Key facts

Below you will find links to our corporate key facts as well as key facts for our six Schools

The Business School

Beyond the classroom and into the boardroom - at the Business School our students and researchers are given every opportunity to achieve their full potential, and develop the knowledge and skills required for today's global business environment. We are also proud to support entrepreneurship and start-ups that benefit more than the economy.

School of Arts & Creative Industries

In the School of Arts & Creative Industries, we create work that goes beyond the ordinary and impresses industry. Our internationally-acclaimed student and academic creations consistently triumph at prestigious awards in fields as diverse as creative advertising, music and film.

School of Computing

Based in the UK's second largest city for tech start-ups, our School of Computing offers industry-accredited courses that go beyond the traditional. We are experts in cybersecurity, digital forensics and the exciting worlds of gaming and creative computing as our students and staff lead in the creation of an innovative, interactive but safe future digital society.

School of Engineering & the Built Environment

We go beyond learning to provide the skills you need to innovate and provide solutions for a technologically demanding society.

School of Applied Sciences

With cutting-edge facilities and a focus on practical skills, the School of Applied Sciences staff, students and researchers tackle global and local issues affecting health, society and the environment.

School of Health & Social Care

With cutting-edge facilities and a focus on practical skills, the School of Health & Social Care staff, students and researchers take on the challenges and deliver results, which are directly effecting health, and social care at a local, national and global level.