Alan Cannon

Alan Cannon

Dr Alan Cannon

Research Fellow


Dr Alan Cannon is a Research Fellow at Edinburgh Napier University’s Institute for Informatics and Digital Innovation specialising in software evaluation, information visualisation, interaction design and data-driven web technologies.

He is currently involved in the research and development of interactive web and intranet services for the university and developing a mobile and web platform for capturing and managing safety engineering inspection data. Prior work in this data-driven web area includes supporting the Europe-wide Reorient transport project through a custom collaborative web-based environment and a number of other commercial projects for SMEs and NGOs.

Previously he has acted as usability engineer and evaluation expert on the multi-year MATSE visualisation project helping develop a novel time-series visual analytics technique. Other visualisation research includes the Taxvis project where he evaluated interactive visualisations to support RBGE taxonomists in working with complex data sets; the design and evaluation of dashboard visualisations for project management software; and the design and development of a geo-visualisation of Scottish letting data.

Other research project experience includes evaluating natural language interfaces of artificial companions in the collaborative European Companions project. He also has extensive experience in commercialisation activities with a number of commercial partners.




Media Activity

  • Online festival impact toolkit gets press coverage in Scotsman, other local news outlets and national specialised media.


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