Claire Kydonaki

Claire Kydonaki

Dr Claire Kydonaki



Invited Speaker

  • Symposium: “Developing and testing interventions to promote recovery and rehabilitation after critical illness” 6th European federation of Critical Care Nurses (EfCCNa)
  • Oral presentation: ‘Nurses’ clinical decision-making in mechanical ventilation and weaning: how to access nurses’ mind?’. RCN 2008 International Research Conference. Liverpool
  • Oral presentation: ‘Nurses’ decision-making from mechanical ventilation: results from a pilot study’. 3rd EfCCNa Congress and 27th Aniarti Congress. Florence, .
  • Oral presentation: Recovery from critical illness symposium: ‘Weaning from mechanical ventilation: a starting point to critically ill patients’ recovery’. RCN Annual International Nursing Research Conference, Harrogate, 16-18 May 2011.
  • Oral presentation: ‘Observing the weaning of long-term ventilated patients: the approaches to weaning in a general ICU’.10th WFSICCM Congress and 63rd ANIARTI Congress. Florence
  • Oral presentation: “A pilot study exploring the sufficiency of methods to measure the impact of wireless respiratory monitoring (RESpeck) on post-operative patients”. RCN Annual International Nursing Research Conference
  • Oral presentation: “Engaging clinicians in ICU research. An example from a QI study on sedation management (DESIST study)”. UK Critical Care Research Forum
  • Kean S & Kydonaki K (2011) (invited speaker) Families & ICU survivors’ experiences in and after intensive care, Hong Kong


Fellowships and Awards

  • Intensive and Critical Care Nursing Award for the 22nd ESICM conference, Vienna.
  • Scottish Intensive Care Society Nursing Award 2015
  • Travel grant BACCN for the10th WFSICCM Congress and 63rd ANIARTI Congress in Florence.


Conference Activity

  • Huby G, Walsh T, Kean S, Kydonaki K (2010) Knowledge Transfer project: Co-ordinated, integrated and fit for purpose: holistic care for intensive care survivors in a single-condition environment?, aimed at raising awareness and networking with policy maker
  • ESRC International Networking & Training Opportunity for an interdisciplinary ICU summer school (PI: S Kean, Ramsay P, Kydonaki K (Co-I), Merriweather J & Lin F) (ESRC: RES – 810-21-0023; £39,960) – Co-organising/ delivering the summer school
  • UKCCRF, Co-chairing conference session.


Current Post Grad projects