James Leak

james leak

Mr James Leak Beng

Research Student, PhD Student Representative & Associate Lecturer


I completed my bachelors degree in Civil Engineering at Edinburgh Napier university. During this time, I developed a strong interest in soil mechanics and geotechnical engineering, with a particular intrest in granular mechanics. I began gaining research experience during my final year, having the opportunity to work on many projects with the geotechnics department at Napier.

I am currently undertaking a doctoral degree in geotechnical engineering. My focus is on studying the effects of excess particle overlap and strain-rate issues in undrained triaxial tests in Discrete ELement Modelling (DEM). The scope of the project has potential for improved modelling of slope stability design, better implementation of liquifaction mitigating technology, pharmaceutical and chemical applications, and bridging the gap between modelling granular media with realistic fluid behaviour. My other research interests include:

• Discrete Element Modelling (DEM)
• Liquefaction
• Earthquake engineering
• Remedation techniques
• Geo-enviromental engineering
• Particle imaging techniques
• Martian and lunar regolith
• Discrete element modelling of fine clays

I have a strong interest in both teaching and science communication. As well as lecturing, I am happy to work on projects that involve the sharing and demonstration of science and engineering to new audiences.

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