Kat Rezai Namaghi

kat rezai namaghi

Ms Kat Rezai Namaghi

Lecturer in Marketing


Kat Rezai is a Lecturer in Marketing at Edinburgh Napier University Business School.

Kat has a PhD in Marketing & Consumer Research from Edinburgh Napier University. She is a Fellow of Higher Education Academy and is currently working on a CPD in Public Relations. Her PhD explored the relationship between Instagram marketing content and millennial women’s self-image, and thus specialises in research concerning social media marketing, Gender & Consumer Research, and generational marketing. Kat is currently researching further into social media marketing, most specifically in areas about ethical issues concerning the impact of social media marketing on consumers’ body image. Her other research areas include Digital Ethnographic methods, public engagement, consumer ethics, and feminism. Kat has five years of experience in public engagement practices, where she has been delivering a variety of performance lectures at public engagement conferences and events in order to engage with the wider public. Prior to her academic career, Kat has worked in a variety of marketing roles, including retail, public relations and marketing campaigns. Kat currently teaches Marketing Research, Marketing Communications, and Marketing Ethics.

Research Areas



Invited Speaker

  • Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) (2017) Gender Report


Media Activity

  • PGRNS (2018) What Does Sex Sell? An interview with Kat Rezai
  • Herald Scotland mention - Fringe show
  • LibDem.org: What Does Sex Sell? Fringe show review
  • Postgraduate Gender Research Network Scotland (2017) blog


Public/Community Engagement

  • What Does Sex Sell? (CoDI Fringe show)
  • Advertising 'sexy' Violence: Challenging sex and violence in gendered advertising