Cyber security

As people do more online, digital security becomes increasingly vital for the safety of individuals, communities and businesses.

Ikeyboardn the first initiative of its kind in the UK, Scottish police officers are being trained by Edinburgh Napier experts to tackle virtual crime. In 2013, the University’s Cyber Security Lab created an advanced one-week Digital Investigator course specifically to help Police Scotland detectives and support staff deal with cybercrime. 

The course covers tracing instant messaging, phishing attacks and analysing web traffic, among other aspects of digital security and investigation.

As the digital world evolves so quickly, new threats emerge on an almost daily basis, and the course adapts regularly to help keep the police up to speed,said Professor Bill Buchanan.

The initiative has led to the Lab working on further training methods and techniques at a Europe-wide level, and the University has been made Scotland’s Cybercrime Centre of Excellence – part of the European C2 network. 

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