Design in Business - School of Computing Seminar Series

Start date and time

Wednesday 11 January 2017


Core44, room c44, Merchiston campus

Martin Dowson is Head of Service Design Strategy for Lloyds Banking Group.

Martin will discuss the increasingly central role that Design is taking in business today. He will share his own experience with the multiple disciplines of design, tracing the path of human-centred design from specialist engineering practice to an expanded role within the wider business realm. Martin will also share his thoughts on the challenges still ahead of us and then open discussion about what this means to our educational, research and professional development.

Martin has been working in Experience Design for over 16 years now. He graduated with a degree in Psychology from Edinburgh University where he focussed his modules around Human Computer Interaction and social psychology. He also took AI and CS in the first two years of his degree. Martin started his career in usability testing, moving on to Human Centred Design of digital experiences and then latterly into building human-centred organisations. He sees himself as a translator between the customers, the builders of experience and the organisations that manage those experiences.