Regeneration: Leading with Conscience

Start date and time

Thursday 1 January 1970


Craiglockhart Campus, Edinburgh Napier University

Edinburgh Napier University and the Medinge Group, an international think tank which promotes promotes brands, organisations and leadership with conscience, are holding a practitioner forum entitled “Regeneration: Leading with Conscience” on 25th April 2024. The title of the event was inspired by Pat Barker’s 1991 historical novel, Regeneration, which tells the experience of British army officers being treated for shell shock during World War I at Craiglockhart War Hospital, which is now our Craiglockhart Campus. The event is conducted following the 17th Global Brand Conference we are hosting at the EICC.

Sixteen speakers and panellists at the forum will include organisation leaders across Scotland and worldwide such as Edrington, Rabobank, Zero Waste Scotland, Harris Tweed, VegWare, Visit Scotland, as well as the leader of Dundee City Council John Alexander. Discussions will range from conscientious leadership to developing sustainable, long-term returns. Professor Janusz Brzeszczynski will represent the Business School in the discussion. The event is supported by the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Institute of Directors and Marketing Society.