Dr Timothy Olawumi was a panelist at a Live Talk Show - Construction Carbon Talk
Dr Timothy Olawumi was a panelist on a Live Talk Show – the ConstructionCarbonTalk organised by Leeds Beckett University and YORhub (Partner - https://www.yorhub.com/).

Title: How does BIM facilitate Carbon Reduction during Construction Projects
Panelists: Dr Timothy Olawumi AND Rachel Sudlow (R&D Lead at SCAPE)

This episode of the ConstructionCarbonTalk focused on how BIM can be utilised to facilitate collaboration in reducing carbon emission in construction projects (and during its operational phase).
The ConstructionCarbonTalk was streamed live on platforms such as Youtube (recording - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPDI3y-aNog) and LinkedIn.

According to the Talk Show Host, Suhaib Arogundade (on LinkedIn) after this TalkShow episode – “our audience increased by about 100% during the liveshow with great engagement”.
Construction Carbon Talk shows aimed to facilitates collaboration amongst industry stakeholders to reduce construction carbon footprint while also promoting shared learning across the industry both in the UK and internationally.
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Date posted

17 June 2022