Tom Flint to talk at Edinburgh Informatics HCI Group
Tom Flint will be discussing his work with Jupiter Artland in a talk titled An infrastructure for exploring the mixed reality continuum with children: Minecraft, Mixed Reality, and Jupiter Artland. The talk will be on 20th February at 4pm.

Date posted

20 February 2018

As mixed reality technology becomes ubiquitous the boundary between the digital and the real is increasingly blurred. Our work involves creating a framework of experiences where we can afford transition across and within a continuum of realities. Our first task was to recruit an extraordinary real world space and to this end we have worked in collaboration with Jupiter Artland. In order to ensure that each aspect of our framework was meaningful and relevant to children, we co-created each element with the same class of children over a period of three years. Our initial investigation involved building a virtual facsimile of the sculpture park in Minecraft which concentrated on contextual rather than faithful representation. After constructing the virtual we developed a mixed reality game that was played simultaneously in the real world and on Minecraft. This game was then developed as a stand alone Android app. We now have a foundational framework through which we can explore engagement with Jupiter Artland within and across a variety of realities.