TRI Academic Invited Speaker at Road Safety Conference
TRI researcher, Richard Llewellyn, was invited to speak on the controversial subject of Shared Space and its implications at a industry conference in Stirling.

Date posted

3 April 2017

The Safer Roads, Safer Vehicles, Safer Road Users, Safer Speeds Conference was held in Stirling on 3 April 2017. The conference saw over 75 industry practitioners from a mixture of backgrounds to hear and debate the issues surrounding the Safe Systems approach to Road Safety.

Richard spoke on the topic of Shared Space, a concept seeking to change the way in which streets operation by reducing the dominance of motor vehicles. The concept is not without controversy, and is currently the subject of UK and Scottish government committee scrutiny.

In his presentation, Richard gave an overview of some recent schemes and reviewed the evidence base currently available on the subject. He went on to discuss how compromises might be achieved to result in designs that are more inclusive to all users.