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A Novel Cost Optimization Strategy for SDN-Enabled UAV-Assisted Vehicular Computation Offloading
  Vehicular computation offloading is a well-received strategy to execute delay-sensitive and/or compute-intensive tasks of legacy vehicles. The response time of vehicular computation offloading can be shortened by using mobile edge computing that offers strong computing power, driving these computation tasks closer to end users. However, the quality of communication is hard to guarantee due to the obstruction of dense buildings or lack of infrastructure in some zones. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), therefore, have become one of the means to establish communication links for the two ends owing to its characteristics of ignoring terrain and flexible deployment. To make a sensible decision of computation offloading, nevertheless vehicles need to gather offloading-related global information, in which Software-Defined Networking (SDN) has shown its advances in data collection and centralized management. In this paper, thus, we propose an SDN-enabled UAV-assisted vehicular computation offloading optimization framework to minimize the system cost of vehicle computing tasks. In our framework, the UAV and the Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) server can work on behalf of the vehicle users to execute the delay-sensitive and compute-intensive tasks. The UAV, in a meanwhile, can also be deployed as a relay node to assist in forwarding computation tasks to the MEC server. We formulate the offloading decision-making problem as a multi-players computation offloading sequential game, and design the UAV-assisted Vehicular Computation Cost Optimization (UVCO) algorithm to solve this problem. Simulation results demonstrate that our proposed algorithm can make the offloading decision to minimize the Average System Cost (ASC).

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    24 September 2020

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    National Natural Science Foundation of China; New Funder


Zhao, L., Yang, K., Tan, Z., Li, X., Sharma, S., & Liu, Z. (2021). A Novel Cost Optimization Strategy for SDN-Enabled UAV-Assisted Vehicular Computation Offloading. IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 22(6), 3664-3674.



Mobile edge computing; computation offloading; vehicular networks; unmanned aerial vehicles; game theory

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