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A Novel Deep Learning Method for Recognition and Classification of Brain Tumors from MRI images
  A brain tumor is an abnormal growth in brain cells that causes damage to various blood vessels and nerves in the human body. An earlier and accurate diagnosis of the brain tumor is of foremost important to avoid future complications. Precise segmentation of brain tumors provides a basis for surgical planning and treatment to doctors. Manual detection using MRI images is computationally complex in cases where the survival of the patient is dependent on timely treatment, and the performance relies on domain expertise. Therefore, computerized detection of tumors is still a challenging task due to significant variations in their location and structure, i.e., irregular shapes and ambiguous boundaries. In this study, we propose a custom Mask Region-based Convolution neural network (Mask RCNN) with a densenet-41 backbone architecture that is trained via transfer learning for precise classification and segmentation of brain tumors. Our method is evaluated on two different benchmark datasets using various quantitative measures. Comparative results show that the custom Mask-RCNN can more precisely detect tumor locations using bounding boxes and return segmentation masks to provide exact tumor regions. Our proposed model achieved an accuracy of 96.3% and 98.34% for segmentation and classification respectively, demonstrating enhanced robustness compared to state-of-the-art approaches.

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    21 April 2021

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    National Research Foundation of Korea


Masood, M., Nazir, T., Nawaz, M., Mehmood, A., Rashid, J., Kwon, H., …Hussain, A. (2021). A Novel Deep Learning Method for Recognition and Classification of Brain Tumors from MRI images. Diagnostics, 11(5),



MRI; brain tumor; Mask-RCNN; deep learning

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