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Actinomycete diversity associated with foaming in activated sludge plants
  Large numbers of mycolic acid-containing actinomycetes were isolated from foam and scum samples taken from three activated-sludge sewage-treatment plants using several selective isolation media. Organisms presumptively identified as gordonae formed the dominant population in all of the samples. A representative set of these strains have chemical properties consistent with their classification in the genusGordona. Forty-eight of theGordona strains were compared through 165 unit characters with the type strains of validly described species ofGordona. The resultant data were examined using the Jaccard and simple matching coefficients and clustering achieved using the unweighted pair group method with arithmetic averages algorithm. The numerical classification was only marginally affected by the statistics used or by test error, estimated as 3.92%. The isolates were assigned to five multi-membered and 28 single-membered clusters defined by the simple matching coefficient at the 89% similarity level. With few exceptions, the isolates were sharply separated from theGordona marker strains. Essentially the same classification was obtained when the test strains were examined using a Curie-point pyrolysis mass spectrometric procedure. It can be concluded that the gordonae form a heterogeneous taxonomic group, the members of which can be distinguished from representatives of validly described species ofGordona.

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    30 September 1996

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    Springer Science + Business Media

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    TP Chemical technology

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    660 Chemical engineering


Goodfellow, M., Davenport, R., Stainsby, F. M., & Curtis, T. P. (1996). Actinomycete diversity associated with foaming in activated sludge plants. Journal of industrial microbiology, 17(3-4), 268-280.



Actinomycete diversity, chemotaxonomy, numerical taxonomy, pyrolysis mass spectrometry, activated sludge foam,

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