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An Integrated Approach for Cancer Survival Prediction Using Data Mining Techniques
  Ovarian cancer is the third most common gynecologic cancers worldwide. Advanced ovarian cancer patients bear a significant mortality rate. Survival estimation is essential for clinicians and patients to understand better and tolerate future outcomes. The present study intends to investigate different survival predictors available for cancer prognosis using data mining techniques. Dataset of 140 advanced ovarian cancer patients containing data from different data profiles (clinical, treatment, and overall life quality) has been collected and used to foresee cancer patients’ survival. Attributes from each data profile have been processed accordingly. Clinical data has been prepared corresponding to missing values and outliers. Treatment data including varying time periods were created using sequence mining techniques to identify the treatments given to the patients. And lastly, different comorbidities were combined into a single factor by computing Charlson Comorbidity Index for each patient. After appropriate preprocessing, the integrated dataset is classified using appropriate machine learning algorithms. The proposed integrated model approach gave the highest accuracy of 76.4% using ensemble technique with sequential pattern mining including time intervals of 2 months between treatments. Thus, the treatment sequences and, most importantly, life quality attributes significantly contribute to the survival prediction of cancer patients.

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    28 December 2021

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    Hindawi Limited

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Kaur, I., Doja, M. N., Ahmad, T., Ahmad, M., Hussain, A., Nadeem, A., & Abd El-Latif, A. A. (2021). An Integrated Approach for Cancer Survival Prediction Using Data Mining Techniques. Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience, 2021, Article 6342226.


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