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AVSE Challenge: Audio-Visual Speech Enhancement Challenge
  Audio-visual speech enhancement is the task of improving the quality of a speech signal when video of the speaker is available. It opens-up the opportunity of improving speech intelligibility in adverse listening scenarios that are currently too challenging for audio-only speech enhancement models. The Audio-Visual Speech Enhancement (AVSE) challenge aims to set the first benchmark in this area. We provide participants with datasets and scripts to test their audio-visual speech enhancement models under a common framework for both training and evaluation. The data is derived from real-world videos, and comprises noisy mixes, in which audio from target speaker is mixed with either a competing speaker or a noise signal. The submitted systems are evaluated by conducting AV intelligibility tests involving human participants. We expect this challenge to be a platform for advancing the field of audio-visual speech-enhancement and to provide further insight about the scope and limitations of current AV speech enhancement approaches.

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    27 January 2023

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    EPSRC Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council


Aldana Blanco, A. L., Valentini-Botinhao, C., Klejch, O., Gogate, M., Dashtipour, K., Hussain, A., & Bell, P. (2023). AVSE Challenge: Audio-Visual Speech Enhancement Challenge. In 2022 IEEE Spoken Language Technology Workshop (SLT) (465-471).


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