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Evaluating the Performance of an Evolutionary Tool for Exploring Solution Fronts

  EvoFilter is an evolutionary algorithm based tool for searching through large non-dominated fronts in order to find a subset of solutions that are of interest to the user. EvoFilter is designed to take the output of existing Multi Objective Evolutionary Algorithms and act as a decision support tool for users. Currently EvoFilter is available for all to use on-line \cite{urquhart-2017b}. This paper evaluates the performance of EvoFilter by creating a large number of randomised filter specifications which are then applied using EvoFilter and a simple filter to a range of non-dominated fronts created by a portfolio of Multi Objective Genetic Algorithms (MOGAs). The results show that EvoFilter is capable of finding sets of solutions that meet the users' requirements more closely than those found using the simple filter. EvoFilter increases performance on some objectives by including relevant solutions event if these solutions slightly lessen performance on other objectives. The filter discussed in this paper may be accessed online.

  • Date:

    08 March 2018

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    QA75 Electronic computers. Computer science

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    006.3 Artificial intelligence

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    Edinburgh Napier Funded


Urquhart, N. (2018). Evaluating the Performance of an Evolutionary Tool for Exploring Solution Fronts. In Applications of Evolutionary Computation, (523-537).



Visualisation, multi-objective, optimisation, scheduling,

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