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Intellibike: a cycle path surface quality assessment tool

  The IntelliBike is an instrumented bicycle capable of monitoring cycle path surface quality through onboard measuring and logging devices, as well as other key variables pertinent to infrastructure and environmental quality and thus cyclist comfort. Research methods, results, and equipment adopted are presented. The bike is fitted with a Madge Tech Shock 101 Vibration logger, two onboard video cameras, and a net-book for real-time software analysis and a collection of other data gathering equipment such as a light meter, sound meter, and bicycle computer. A cycle path’s running surface must be kept to a high standard as defects can cause a potential hazard to path users. A single path can be comfortable to one person and uncomfortable for the next, so differentiating path quality so that money is appropriately spent is a high priority for councils. While being cycled, humps, bumps, and excitations are constantly logged to the IntelliBike’s onboard vibration data logger and a custom designed rating system breaks down these vibration levels into a five point quality ranking scale. In this paper, the survey conducted in order to design the rating system is discussed. A stratified sample of cyclists was chosen to cycle a path in which they gave their opinion as to the quality and comfort of the path; the results yielded formed the basis of the development of the overall rating system. A wide selection of users ranging from experienced club cyclists to complete novices was chosen so as to have the broadest opinion. A dedicated software platform will be used to collate these data linking the vibration data with the onboard camera footage, and geographical location, the presentation process will provide an asset management tool aimed at better targeted cycle path surface maintenance.

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    Chartered Institute of Highways and Transportation


Calvey, J., Taylor, M. D., Shackleton, J. P. & Llewellyn, R. (2013). Intellibike: a cycle path surface quality assessment tool



IntelliBike; cycle path; surface quality; Madge Tech Shock 101 Vibration logger;

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