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Potential for Carbon-Neutral Advanced Biofuels in UK Road Transport
  As a result of anthropocentric climate change, there is an urgent need to decarbonize the supply of energy. Organic biomass, referred to as feedstock, can be converted into biofuels that have the potential to decarbonize transport. However, biofuels are typically not carbon neutral because the preparation of feedstocks and the production of biofuels require energy currently supplied by fossil fuels, which involve carbon emissions. This work aimed to bring biofuel research up to date with current UK policy of net zero carbon emissions by examining the volume of carbon-neutral advanced biofuels that could be produced from sustainable feedstocks generated in the UK. By analyzing relevant data, it is estimated that between 667 and 1,791 million litres (Mltr) of carbon-neutral biodiesel equivalent could be produced with the energy content of 22.7–60.9 PJ, corresponding to 8.1%–21.7% of current diesel consumption by heavy goods vehicles in the UK.

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    11 June 2021

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    American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

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    Edinburgh Napier Funded


King, R., & Tingas, E. (2021). Potential for Carbon-Neutral Advanced Biofuels in UK Road Transport. Journal of Energy Engineering, 147(4), 04021025.



Renewable Energy, Sustainability and the Environment; Waste Management and Disposal; Energy Engineering and Power Technology; Nuclear Energy and Engineering; Civil and Structural Engineering

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