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The role of structural assurance on previous satisfaction, trust and continuance intention: The case of online betting

  Varied accounts exist regarding the role of trust and satisfaction in online continuance intention and contexts within which this occurs. This paper considers the moderating effect of structural assurance on satisfaction and trust and trust and continuance intention in a pure e-service context (online betting).
UK online bettors were surveyed with an instrument developed using validated variables and measurements, including continuance intention, satisfaction, trust (in vendor) and structural assurance. Structural equation modeling with Partial Least Squares (PLS) was used to evaluate the measurement and structural model simultaneously.
Structural assurance positively moderates the trust-continuance intention relationship but not the satisfaction-trust relationship. Trust is positively associated with structural assurance.
The study contributes to research focused on exploring the moderating effects of trust and satisfaction on continuance intention where institution-based mechanisms are perceived to be effective and framed to assure success.
An over-reliance on context specific mechanisms is inadequate; strategic approaches to trust must consider contextual and institutional mechanisms interdependently.
The paper addresses the need for research relating to the institutional context within which trust mechanisms operate. This research provides a novel contribution through an exploration of the moderating effects of structural assurance on: trust and continuance intention; and satisfaction and trust (we also measure the direct effect of structural assurance on trust). We are one of the first studies to examine these important concepts in this context. The online betting case allows for the exploration of risk where vendor-specific and contextual risk are both high.

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    12 June 2019

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    HD28 Management. Industrial Management

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    658 General management

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    Ulster University


McCole, P., Ramsey, E., Kincaid, A., Fang, Y., & Li, H. (2019). The role of structural assurance on previous satisfaction, trust and continuance intention: The case of online betting. Information Technology and People, 32(4), 781-801.



Satisfaction, Continuance intention, Trust, Structural assurance, Institutional mechanisms, Online betting

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