Electronics and Control Panels design for Airglove Arm and Leg medical products for Difficult Intravenous Access (DIVA)
  Green Cross Medico would like to continue the collaboration with Edinburgh Napier University as not only do they understand the project, but they have the skills and knowledge to develop the Airglove unit for the leg.

The Airglove leg is proposed to be used for patients who suffer with peripheral arterial disease (PAD). The company requires a full working prototype of the Airglove unit for the leg which will operate for 30 minutes per cycle on each leg.

Currently the Airglove Arm unit operates for 3 minutes with a 300 watt motor, however we require a higher capacity to allow for the expansion of the larger leg glove for the lower limb. This may require the motor to be increased in size to achieve this to an 800 watt plus include a remote control unit for the patient to operate easily at home to start/stop.

  • Start Date:

    3 October 2022

  • End Date:

    17 April 2023

  • Activity Type:

    Externally Funded Research

  • Funder:

    Scottish Funding Council, Green Cross Medico Ltd

  • Value:


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