Research and Integrity Committee

Edinburgh Napier University’s research aims to make an impact on the economy, industry and society. It is vital that all research involving human participants respects participant’s welfare and rights. 

Research involving human participants within the School of Health & Social Care

All funded and non-funded research involving human participants or personal data within the School of Health and Social Care (SHSC) requires ethical review through the School Research Integrity Committee to ensure that participants will not experience physical and/or psychological harm and to ensure that participation is worthwhile.

These pages set out the University Code of Practice for Research Integrity guidance and procedures for obtaining ethics approval and supporting guidance and resources.

Does my study require ethics approval? 

If you are uncertain whether your study requires ethical review or not, please consult the flowchart and complete the checklist.

The completed checklist can be submitted to the committee administrator ( for review prior to completing the full ethics application.

Your research may also need ethical review by the host institution, or by institutions within the host country. In such cases your research still requires to be reviewed by the School Research Integrity Committee to ensure that it meets the governance standards of Edinburgh Napier University, however we will try and limit duplication. 

If your research is led by another institution, but you are actively leading local recruitment, please contact the committee administrator ( to discuss approvals.

Deadlines for submission and dates for key meetings can be found here

Download the School of Health & Social Care Ethics Handbook for further policies, guidance and information. 

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