Graduate Apprenticeships with Graham + Sibbald
Meet Justin

I’m Justin Akugbo, I’m a student surveyor at Graham + SIbbald.Graduate Apprentice Justin Akugbo

I currently work in the building surveying team.

I chose to do the apprenticeship because I’ve always wanted to get a degree but the thought of going to university for four years without actually learning about the job wasn’t too appealing for me.

The apprenticeship offers you to go out with the guys, learn on the job, whilst also getting your uni degree at the end of it.
The best thing about working at Graham + Sibbald is the friendly atmosphere. All the guys are happy to help answer any questions, whilst also pushing you in the right direction to grow independently.

There are a few things I like about the programme so, the learning on the job whilst also getting a degree at the end of that. And I mean, whilst I am learning, I’m also earning a little bit of money as well so that’s also a bonus!

Meet Katie

My name is Katie Tait, I work at Graham + Sibbald, in the hotel and leisure department as a student surveyor, training in agency and valuation.Graduate Apprentice Katie Tait

I wanted to join because I absolutely love working with property, I have done since I was 16.

I wanted to do surveying, and I was also interested in agency so it just seemed like the best opportunity for me.

I would recommend the Graduate Apprenticeship to anybody who is interested in property. You have such a unique opportunity to fast track your surveying career. You can do university and become a chartered surveyor within five years, all circulated around working with professional staff, people who’ve already got the skillset. The knowledge you’ll be surrounded by is totally different to anything else that you could get from going to university and getting a separate graduate job.

So I would recommend it to anybody because it really is just a great opportunity.